YLS 2016 – Team Spirit

Archbishop S.B Zondo

Team Spirit

If we can bring back the team spirit to the church, we will grow.

The word Multiply Means:
To cause to increase in number
To increase in number by reproduction

Increase Means:
To grow, develop, expand, spread, escalate, enlarge, advance and extent.

“In Micah 6:11”, The prophet describes these symptoms as follows:

Spiritual dissatisfaction among the people, you may eat but you will never be satisfied, VERSE 14a.

An inward void in God’s people, feeling an inward emptiness, VERSE14b

Financial needs not met. You may store but will never save, and what you save I will let the sword sweep off, VERSE 14c

No harvest. You may sow but you shall not reap, VERSE 15a

No anointing you may crush olives but you may never get oil, VERSE 15b

No joy you may extract juice from grapes but you shall drink no wine, VERSE 15c

What people need:
People come to an organization/company for stability.

“Two is better than one, for if one falls the other will pick him/her up.”

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