YLS 2016 – Political Debate

Political Debate in process, questions from the audience and answers from the panel.

Question 1 aimed at EFF – How can we trust, support and be led by you when you don’t respect in the paliament
Answer 1 by EFF – the reason we behave the way we do is because even in the parliamental book of rights it says that even when the President is wrong he should be addressed

Question 2 Aimed at ANC – How are you going to fix the damage that is in the country now, while you failed to do so in 23years of power?
Answer 2 by ANC – ANC has not failed the people its just a working progress and we need the help of the people and patience to make things better

Question 3 Aimed at DA – Don’t you think giving free education results to a decrease in our economy
Answer by DA – the reason why the economy is the way it is, is because companies have given jobs to chines instead of giving jobs to our qualified black graduates.

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