YLS 2016 – Linda Ntuli

Linda Ntuli

An Electrical Engineer turned Management Consultant and a Motivational speaker, Team-­-builder, Trainer, Facilitator, Life Coach with excellent personal, organizational and client relationship management capability. He addressed the youth and stressed the importance of pursuing one’s dream while young.

His message to the youth:

“When I was young, I used to sell coal.
Don’t let the pain of your past punish your presence.
The quality of questions that you ask will determine the quality of your life.
Passion means pass it on. It doesn’t matter how you start; it matters how you finish.
When you walk in the presence of your God, you are powerful. If You are to be great in life, don’t compete.”

1 Samuel 17:20 – 45
When you don’t have passion, you are not a driver of your life but a passenger.
Just like David, you should draw near to your giant.
The number 40 signifies change. You must wake up early so that you can kill your giants daily. If you want to be a leader, start by serving.
1. leaders always ask proper questions.
2. Leaders know what to ignore.
3. Leaders desire a better life.
4. They always have a testimony.
5. Leaders always use their tested tools, keep testing your tools. Give yourself to what you love, you will be the best.
6. Leaders are committed to a cause.
7. Leaders always trust in the Lord.
8. Leaders are not made in stadiums but they are revealed in stadiums.
9. PTO – Pray, Trust and Obey
10. Honest
11. Healthy
12. Stay hungry
13. Stay hot, away with average and mediocre
14. New season brings new success
15. If you are to be successful, take care of your head. Leaders spend time reading because they want to be better. As you leader, your responsibility is to inspire.
16. Low, middle, high road.

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