The Vision

Archbishop BS Zondo

Title: The Vision

There’s two things done by a vision

A vision attracts and a vision rejects


You can find yourself out of the vision because you are not part of the vision.

The problem of a vision is that, when you light a touch in the dark you will see what comes to the light you end up leaving the beauty of the light and look at the insects moving towards the light. What makes people hate you? It is not what is outside, but what is inside of you being exposed. You get hated because of what you carrying. Sometimes you not hated for what you carrying but for what you are carrying will do to what they have.

As a Christian you were not supposed to be killed, but they wanted to kill the Jesus in you. You have an unusual anointing and you will have unusual problems do not solve them for they are there because you cause them. These problems exposes you. That anointing attracts poly holy high rulers and the best of the bad.

You have to sacrifice.

There is difference between the “Giver” of the vision and the “producer” of the vision. The one who gives birth suffers the most. Now the one that have given birth will rejoice thou there’s scars. People work hard to ensure that you don’t give birth to the vision. Other people don’t really like you but they want or like what you have.

You need to be concerned about what happens, ask God to expose what’s wrong but not what went wrong.

When you off-ramp in life there is no provision for the vision. Do not worry about people who move away it is time for them to move. They are not part of the vision of God. There are people who will look to good but dragging the work of God.


When God gives you a vision it has the power to destroy your enemy, worry not worry free you do not need to fight because the battle is not yours but God’s.

The God’s grace endures forever. When God has said it he has said it.

When the contract has come to the end, no matter how much you pray nothing will change it has come to an end. If you worried about losing money God will create a situation where you are needed.

Do not desire other people’s things ask God that to expose what you have. You pass through corrupt people, “why?” because you have to get to the top being having the experience of life. Let things happen in your life. Speak great things and learn to see good at most times. You will reap what you sow.

When problems comes there is people benefiting, your problem is someone’s payroll. From that what do you think is the prayer of a mechanic?

For a vision to come to pass it need’s three things.

  • A Man: to take it(the vision) from GOD
  • The Vision: is nothing but a solution to a problem at hand
  • Money

When God gives you a vision take it, and he will give you a provision

For every vision there’s a provision.

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