The miracle action of God’s word

Isaiah 55:11

There are things that are sent by God to you, they will never cease

Hebrew 12:16

1)      The nature of the word is Greatness/miraculous. And Jesus is the Word.

It is alive and born by the word.

2)      The word is released in two ways

          By speaking, use your tongue for the things that you want. Romans 10:8

The more you speak is the more you will see. For God is faithful in all situations.

          Through actions, for so what you believe in you see it by your actions. James

The word of God is pregnant with things that you need and desire. Faith without works is dead.

3)      People stops their success by doubting, doubt is a thief for it makes you believe that you cannot do it.

If you remove your focus or eyes from the author and the finisher of your life you will sink like Peter.

When you walk with God you should be what God says who you are not by your condition.

Luke 12:22-

4)      God’s word is the answer to our prayers.

Do not let the spirits and the Devil see the word in you. Be careful

 to what you say speak the word of God.


By Archbishop BS Zondo

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