The Man or Woman of Different Spirit

Numbers 13:27-28 & 30

Numbers 14

It is easy to lose and forfeit certain things when you don’t depend on your senses, degrees and yourself – but when you depend on The Lord, you have nothing to lose

They all went in as one group with one faith, one God and one vision but when they came back, they’re report was divided (different)

There are things that God will create around you

When God says we will enter, what will I gain in doubting God, walking with the mob that doubts their own God?

He is the one who told us he has given us the power over the snake. They said “these people where strong,” but what did God said.

Faith does deny the difficulties of the situation or the problems, but it shows the power of God over the situations. Faith does not deny the facts but what do you exults in this situation.

“It shows that it respects that God created everything and dwells in us”

They believed respected in the power of God but others doubted and saw different things.

Nice clothes don’t make you look good but you wear to look good. If you have low self-esteem no matter how beautiful you are but the enemy you ought to deal with is your low self-esteem.

These people standing by the giants they saw themselves as grasshoppers. When God calls you he cares less about how much you earn he wants you to know the potential he had put in you. Even when he declares himself as a low somebody but the angel calls him as a man of valour. The angel doesn’t call him a drunkard, but a mighty man of valour, you will fight for Israel but there are things you ought to deal with first.

Be like a chick hacking out of the shell, “Get out of that shell!”

You not born to accept the status pack

The Lord would not give you something that would defeat you because the Lord said that in all the things that you have you is more than a conqueror through him, who gives you strength.


Archbishop BS Zondo

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