Salvation is by Grace

Wednesday Miracle Service: Pastor Thibudi
Ephesians 2v8
Salvation is by grace, we are saved by grace. We are called the children of God by grace. it is all by grace, not by works or our own wisdom. He created us as a workmanship. God took time to create you.
Romans 2
We were apart from Christ, we were foreigners, aliens. We were without hope.
Galatians 3v13-14
Through the blood of Jesus, we now have the rights to be called children of God. he became curse so that we could be partakers of the grace.
Genesis 17v1
Genesis 12v1-3
When Abraham had an encounter with God, God changed his name. The same thing happens with each and everyone of us when we have an encounter with God.
2Samuel 9v6-9
2Samuel 4v4
The devil you see today, you will see no more! God is going to restore everything. Your spirit may be crippled, but God will restore everything. He is restoring your dignity.
The only thing that makes us not to receive from God is sin.
Romans 4 : Abraham believed a God that calls things that are not, as though they are there.
You must know who you are in Christ, that is the greatest weapon every Christian needs.
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