Prosperity vs. Material things/ (Materialism)

God wants his people to prosper

Genesis 39:1-3

Things that people have is not necessarily prosperity but a gathering of things. There is things and times you will have to encourage yourself. The Devil is easily defeated in public. But if you fail to defeat him in the closet you have failed.

Joseph was a slave also God was at his side. So is you, you can get hurt do not forget he is with you. People will talk and laugh about you, they do not see the hand of God on you. They mock you for they see you having nothing. Prosperity is not materialism. V: 3 you are not alone God is present, he is Jehovah Shamar. You are prosperous for God is with you not that you have things. People have money and riches but they do not have joy or rather enjoy those riches. What people see as prosperity is not prosperity. A blessing cannot be seen you only the results. When it sits on you, things will follow you. For those who follow things they do not become blessed. Wait upon the lord for God’s time is the right time.

God never shows you things/bad things he just shows you the end results


  1. a) Prosperity is being in control if all your situation
  2. b) Jesus came to preach the Gospel Luke 14 what is Gospel? It is the good news.

Poverty is inefficiency: Being poor physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The God that we worship anointed Jesus to remove the insufficiency that is upon us. Jesus has the anointing to destroy not breaks for what is broken can be mended. He was not anointed for him, but for us to get delivered, healed. Poverty is the work of the devil, for so you can agree that there is no other way. Jesus comes and changes things.

You can be physically wealthy but poor. The things you have does not mean you leave. Rev 3:17-18 People do not know you can be physically wealthy and spiritually ratchet. A prosperous men will continue to prosper. What makes people to lack joy, is when they ask God and things gets delayed then decide to move. Ask God about everything and wait do not be in a hurry.

Money is not the root of all evil. Timothy 6:10 for the love of money is the root of all evil.

The people who have the mind of poverty say money is the root of evil. For it is not good or bad. But it is revealed by the owner.

A wrong relationship with money result in exultation of money over God.

Money amplifies things. The sin of money is expensive too.

It is time to cut unnecessary cost. Money is meant for giving not for keeping. When you stick to the word of God money will hear you. It has ears. To be wealthy is not sin. It is a will of God to prosper us.

Ephesians 1:1- To be blessed is as simple as doing God’s will. When you are where you not supposed to be you spend, to generate a blessing and protect yourself. But with being with Him you do not have to fortify yourself.

He never promised us that there won’t be challenges. If you have not experience the pit you will never appreciate yourself.

The race is not only of the ones who has speed. The war is not only of the ones who has power.

By: Archbishop SB Zondo

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