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RLW Church is a growing community of people from all walks of life that love God and love people with Jesus at its centre. Our Newsroom provides a ledger of helpful information for those who call Rivers of living waters “home” and for those who are interested in pursuing truth beyond just the headlines.

Rivers of living waters Church also believes in a free press, and we believe it is to everyone’s benefit when journalists report the facts without bias or agenda. While we are unable to respond to every inquiry we receive, the Newsroom serves as a central hub of factual information.

In the spirit of transparency, we are committed to releasing the full questions and answers from all interviews in which we participate. We will post them here. Whilst we fully understand that some questions we receive may be uncomfortable, we embrace the opportunity for openness to actively participate in public discourse – especially when it comes to the life of our church and congregants. We gladly welcome the opportunity to engage with ethical journalism that values the publication of fact-based information.

Media Enquiries

Press Releases