From shame to Honour

Judges 6:

When the glory and honour of God is removed from us we will be ruled by our enemies.

One enemy was shame; it was not around but within them.

The other was bitterness

Sin removes the honour and the glory of God.

These things become a strong hold on us.

We blame people and God forgetting our sins, you avoid your sin.

You fail to ask God things because of your heart.

This words you’d tell your family,” Today we do not have food, so if God does not come through we do not ask from anyone else.”

Hebrews 12:

2) Offens

This will keep us in bondage


We need to deal with this enemy, do not except a lie.

4) Regrets of the past will prevent you from moving forward.

If it is time to move forward move forward

5) Fear will cost us to be paralyze

It is also sin for it prevents us from trusting in the love and faith of God.

F – falls

E – evidence

A -appearing

R -real

Don’t allow fear to depict your feature. Your destiny is not in your ancestors but in you.

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  • Nov 19, 2016 at 12:44 am

    I am so humbled by this teaching.


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