Bishop Jones

II Kings (the time of famine)

This is the time that God uses you and the people will know it is God.

If the Devil did not kill you what you would make him kill you now. You are blessed, he said I will raise up men and women have the desire to praise the lord.

It is not important where I come from, only who I am in and where am I going. You will be the first one in your family to do it, say “the curse with me and the blessing starts with me.”

The word can unlock any word.

If you go back or stay you going to die the only choice is to move forward. “I am not running anymore I stand fight.”

Get Up! Where ever you are do not wait for something happens.

If you have one 0 then a 1 comes you have a ten, if you have two 0s and 1 comes you have a hundred and so forth.

The things that have been in your way they will run away.

God’s blessing is more than you can handle, he is Jehovah El Shaddai.

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