Archbishop Zondo – Fathers

Archbishop Zondo – RLW Pretoria (19 Jun 2016)

Fathers give the best. The Father is an adviser, advocate, and protector in his household. Father, you represent God.

Know that you a Father, despite your status. You are a source, source of hope to nations. You must know that you are Fathers.

Matthew 6:9

A Father must know that he is a Father. I am talking about child bearers, not sperm donors. A Father is somebody who cares, educates, protects, loves, a teacher, superstar and hero to his children. When the Father is not there, the child will call to the mother. It is painful to be a Father who cannot provide for his children.

Remember that you are a Father. Mother, do not make the child forget his Father. Do not allow anything to steal from you. God has given you authority to be like him, working or not. You are not a Father because you are present, not because you have money.

Irrespective of how your Father is, do not reject him. Remember, you too will be a Father one day. Take care of your Father even if he is homeless. Be available to your family as a Father.

Do not fool around with your wife, take care of her.

Fathers be encouraged. You are still a man and Father despite your situation. Be confident. Do not be quiet when things get out of control in your household. Go back home and pick up your goals, take a look at them and say I will do it again. Just because you are still alive, there is still hope you will make it.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

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