Rivers of Living Waters Ministries was founded by Archbishop Stephen and Pastor Seabi Zondo on the 24th September 1988, at Zone 3 Sebokeng with a total membership of three.

The ministry then moved to a classroom at Sokwazi Secondary School in Zone 8. The place became small as the church was growing very fast. We then, moved to Zone 13, Shadvaal Center, then to Sandamela Highway bottle store and ultimately to the were we are today.

Arriving in Evaton, we started with a yellow and blue 700 seater tent (snow peak). Our growth and development has been consistent and steadfast, with a membership of over 10 000 congregants in Sedibeng alone. We have over 60 branches across South Africa & parts of SADEC.

In order to maintain our mission and expand our outreach, we have more than twenty service ministries which encourage members to express their various gifts and talents. Rivers of Living Waters Ministries employs over 25 full-time employees. We believe that the local church is a body of believers systematically assembled together by the Holy Spirit with a common vision, having all things necessary for the perfection of the saints.

We believe that every believer must belong to, attached to, firmly fixed in, committed and submitted to a local Church.

As a Church we are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the total person; Spirit, Soul and Body; and to serve the community we live in by freely giving ourselves and our substance, while staying close to God by living a holistic life, and being sensitive to his Spirit through fervent prayer.

We invite you to join us as we worship and fellowship in God’s Word every Wednesday and Sunday.

His Excellency, Archbishop B.S. Zondo (Founder and General Overseer)




If this is your first time connecting with the ministry, we invite you to learn more about our service times and get more information on our campuses!