Understanding Communication

Interaction fuels action.

Psalm 3:1

How pleasant and how good for a Reverent to dwell in harmony. How pleasant and how good for people to dwell in harmony and peace.


1 Corinthians 14:40

If my mind is not up to standard I will mess up things of the lord. Confusion’s caused by things are not done by order. People run after positions but lack responsibility and accountability. This causes infiltration of the wolves is in the Church. The reason that you give but never reap is that you do not do things in order.

1 Corinthians 10:2

They were baptised unto Moses.

The reason someone has to be baptised unto someone is to have one heart, one mind. When the people have the spirit of their leader, they have one anointing, one mind and one spirit. The church is not a person but a body.

When you do not have the same spirit you begin to want things.


The success, the ability of your members is reliant on good communication there is tree key factors.

-be Consistent (people becomes frustrated for their leader cannot make up their mind).

-be clear

-be Polite

What will destroy your enemies is not prayer but the vision that God has given you.

Be Clear.

If you be specific you will get specific results and reflect back.

If you want to really make it in life you have to delete people. As a leader stay away from those who do not add. Be clear to what you want in your team. There years God borrowed you do not let people to waste your time, do attend every invitation. Be clear to your followers and stand firm and lead by example.


Be Polite.

Be careful of how you address people. The thing is not you say wrong things but the right things in a wrong way. By being cautious you set a tone for the whole organisation. Know that followers reflect their leaders, never forget good communication is never one way. A good leader listens to his people.


You must know where you bear fruit. Anointing is geographically. You need to understand where your climax / weather is. Your climax must be conducive. Good team leaders want direct and honest communication from their people. You need to encourage people to speak openly


God is watching over both the righteous and the unrighteous. God knows about the thoughts and decisions that you make as he is constantly watching over you. Don’t be fooled by the full plate that you have while as you know how you betrayed the Word of God.


A tender is not a business but the seed to a business.

You don’t steal from the kingdom of God and succeed.

As a leader, you must work with other people and listen to what they have to say. Participation helps you to grow and communicate.

People who need your midst are the people who you pray for.


1 Kings 17 v 18-16

When you pray for God to bless you with money, you must say, “God I have a solution, someone has a need and I’ve you the answer.” When you get to church, you must ask yourself what your contribution is. If a team decides they want to have success, all team members must communicate for the common goal.


Exhibiting the following quantities

  • Being supportive
  • Communication that is focused on giving than getting
  • Participating

By: Archbishop BS Zondo

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