The Principle of Prosperity and Debt Cancellation

Archbishop B.S Zondo

When you give to the poor you lend God money, that means God owes you. When you give going up you give to prosper.
Biblically, the 8th month is a month of new beginnings.

When you start something new or build something, you are going to lose certain things.
the principle of prosperity is based on giving.

When starting something new, you have see the end product before.

Eziekel 44:30
A blessing is something you do not work for, anything else you work for is by your sweat. Do not forget that it is God who gives you strength to get wealth.
A blessing attracts grace and favour upon your life. It also brings the power of God upon your abilities, so that you can do things you could not do before.

Deuteronomy 8v18
Mark 11:23-24

You must know how to open a door of blessings in your house. You do this by giving. Whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have already received it and it will be yours.
When you have asked for something, and you do not see it, what do you do? What prevents us to see the manifestations of our prayers? “You pray, then wait for God.” You must conceive what you have asked for, and believe that you have received it. When you conceive something, you do not forget it. The problem is you believe but not receive

How do you conceive? You pray, ask and believe you have received. You ask God through thanksgiving. While waiting, you continue to nature the seed by praising God. Learn to believe.

Deuteronomy 18v1

When God blesses you the devil makes you big headed so that you lose everything that God gave you. The Blessing of God adds no sorrow.
Speak what you want to see. speak and speak until it happens and see it.

By giving you open a door, then accept the blessing. The blessing doesn’t cancel the debts but attacks the cause of the debts.A blessing can be accessed by giving.

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