The Man and Woman of a different spirit (part II)

To have a different spirit does not mean that you have a different kind of the holy spirit. it means that you have a different type of attitude.

To achieve things, you don’t need God but the things that are big enough to involve God.
Everything that is of God it very troublesome for you can say nobody did it but only God.

Do not become common if you want to get uncommon miracle.

Numbers 13 & 14
Moses lead the people of Israel through problems but the biggest issue was the attitude they were divided.
God calls you to do something but he never shows you the storms coming and people will turn against you. But no matter what happens that is not the mandate.
Challenges are not what GOD called me for. Then the Devil says now they have left you how will you do it. not everything is brought by the Devil, but will bring someone to pray with then he removes the person then God says now they have left you how will you do it. He wants to remind you that person was not there when he called you is not.

Exodus 25:

God gave you the vision and tell the people, so he can walk along with you & the people.
God gives you something bigger than you so that you fail and have no pride.

Numbers 13:27
Whatever GOD gives is never easy even need you. it is not selfish.
He gave them the land and shows them the impossible, so that they can know it is God not them.
Walk with a stubborn faith don’t be afraid to walk in big things.
The bible says as the man thinks so is he!
There are things that come to you not because of you or your weakness or your name but it is because of the thing of God in you.

You do not know why you are chosen not because of weakness of the family you come from. It is because of the thing of God. They chose Barnabas over Jesus so do not worry when people choose an evil person over you.

It does not matter who or where you are but whoever carries the thing of Jesus will suffer. remember you have an assignment. There is a reason why you grew without a father. When Jesus was born a lot of people died that was because of the thing of GOD.

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