The highly anointed man of God

Umkhosi wa Madoda 2016 – Archbishop Zondo

Moving from shame to honor

In responding to the call to walk in honor, you may be held back by issues in the past that were never dealt with. Things from your past can keep you in shame, which is a feeling of rejection, a lack of no value. This can be caused by upbringing which belittled us, and made us feel like nobodies.

1 Samuel 9:21 – Saul had a sense of shame due to his background.
1 Samuel 10:6 – Your background does not define your destiny. Your destiny is hidden inside of you, not ahead of you. Greater is he inside of you than the one in the world. Your future is inside of you.

For God to use us, we have to yield ourselves completely, so we can be empowered and have our hearts transformed.

Ezekiel – I will give you a new heart and a new spirit.

We have to be set free from shame. We have to allow the spirit of God to take over from us.

Judges 6 – We must not always blame God, but also acknowledge and confess our sins. Gideon and Israel were defeated by simple things, shame and living under sin. Due to sin, the glory of God left them and lived in shame.

Don’t forget to reprimand your children, because they will die in shame. If there is one thing a man needs, it is the glory of God. When the glory of God is removed from people and nations, even immoral things become a norm.

Be careful how you name your children.

The Israelite’s were not only ruled by the Midianites, but worst, they were ruled by shame and disgrace. Men are bitter, that is why they rape and leave their families, but no one hears their cry. They live in shame, bitterness and fear. Men are discouraged.

You don’t need to die in your shame and judgement. The angel of God appeared to Gideon and said, “The Lord is with you, mighty man of valor”.
When we experience problems, we rush to ask where God is, but not look at our sins.
Everytime we question God presence, the devil draws closer to us and say, “God is not with you”.

Enemies to deal with:

1. Wounds from the past. Like Gideon we carry the wounds from the past, we blame our parents and everyone and that cause destruction in our lives. Instead of looking up to each other, we look down on each other. We do not look at source of our bitterness and find ways to come out.
2. Offence and un-forgiveness. Blaming people for our predicament, and keep us in bondage to people who have hurt us. We release mercy when we allow forgiveness towards those who have hurt us.
3. Discouragement. Gideon and his people did not have hope and purpose to live for. Gideon had accept lies, that he was useless and the least of all people. We rob ourselves when we think and see ourselves this way.
4. Fear. Do not allow fear to rob and paralyze you, unable to confront and defeat obstacles. Fear is also a sin by preventing us from trusting God’s power. God does not address you by your situation. Whether you fail in school or business, He doesn’t call you a failure but calls you by your potential and purpose. As a man thinks, so are you, no matter what people say.

Don’t allow life to stop you from doing what you are called for. Even if people say you will not succeed, speak what you want. Move from shame to honor.
When a person says something negative to you, don’t cry but look on the other side.

You will never be laughed at by enemies of summer in winter. Its time that we move from shame to honor. Let them pass you by. There are times when God takes you out of people, times when he wants to talk with you but he can’t because of the people around you. The race is not only for the fast. Don’t force things when it is not yet your time. There is a time to seat, crawl, lean, walk, run, and fly.

It is time to take our strength. Other problems we are in, are self created but God wants to help us out of them.
Don’t look down at yourself. My hearts desire is that the Lord will heal your money, body, marriage, business and everything else.

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