Six points of things amongst many that belong to us

Archbishop B.S Zondo

Six points of things amongst many that belong to us

-You are partakers of His divine nature.
Ephesians 1 v 4
When you allow Christ(the word) to dwell in you, you ultimately develop a knew nature. When you come to Christ, you surrender all, you surrender the throne of your life to Christ. You have the nature of God in you.

-You can stand in the presence of God without condemnation.
In Christ there is no more condemnation. Once you commit sin, you have an advocate.
Romans 8 v 1-2

-You have the power of attorney, the authority granted unto you to use his authority and power. The power to use His name.
John 16 v 23; 14 v 14

-You have the access to the spirit of God.
John 4 v 23-24
Luke 11 v 13
1John 4 v 4
Allow him to advise you, to lead you

-When you are in Christ, you have the wisdom of God
1 Corinthians 1 v 30
-Once you have wisdom, wealth will follow you. Riches ruins a person without wisdom. When you are born again, you have to activate this aspect. Jesus has been made wisdom unto you.

-You have been blessed with all spiritual blessings
Ephesians 1 v 3
Wisdom will open the doors for you

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