Restoration Of The Stolen Times

Restoration Of The Stolen Times

Acts 3 v 19-21
Joel 2 v 25
Isaiah 7 v 7

When God called Moses, He knew Moses would be the one to usher His people to the promised land. He also called you for a purpose, a purpose only you can achieve.

There is greatness in you, you are not an after thought, you are important to God.
Normally, God tells you about the promise, but He does not tell you about the process. That is where you will be shaken, your potential is harnessed through this process.

A boat only sinks when water is inside, using the same analogy, what you allow in your mind can sink you, filter everything that demands access to your mind. God wants to take you out of your Egypt. Allow him.

God will restore the stolen years in your life.

Everything meant for your harm, IT SHALL NOT STAND and IT SHALL NOT COME TO PASS.

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One thought on “Restoration Of The Stolen Times

  • Apr 24, 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Chronicle 7 vs 14, it says, “If we pray and repent and turn away from Evil, God says he will hear from heaven, and forgive our Sins”.


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