Releasing Resources for the Vision (Part 2)

The fulfilment of every local church

Exodus 24:9-18

Where will the money of the vision comes from?

Exodus 25:1-

Moses got the plan from God, for the resources He tells Moses to speak to the people.

v2. God loves a cheerful giver.


Do it accordingly.

The vision is given to those who trust in God, not in their own understanding.

When you build the lord a house he will build you a home. When you start doing the lord things and he will start doing you things.

There are people who believe spiritually in God but when it comes to money they look at themselves. God entrust people with wealth. God says he is the one who gives you power to make money. He does not give money.


Proverb 3:9-10


  • Number11 is the month where God completes everything.
  • December is that time even.
  • Number 12 in other people’s lives is where God establishes you, it is the time of the first fruit.


Luke 6:38

The same measure you give to the people it shall be given back unto you the same measure

Deuteronomy 8:18

The covenant is established by the wealth that you worked for.


Isaiah 48:17

Psalms 62:10

Stop to misuse the money, I your lord teaches you how to profit. Use the money in the right way, and make money you in a good way. When you are lift higher you are exposed when you are light you attract everything. Those who desire to have money they get temptation. God has nothing against people who possess money but possessions that possess people.

1 Timothy 6:9-10

The love of money is the root of all evil not money but the love of it. Money has ears, feet, when you speak, money hears. Money is attracted by money, you need money to make money. Money amplifies everything.

Luke 12:15-20

When you bank in heaven you get interest.

People must develop kingdom philosophy.

Don’t allow things to possess you, thus means they control you but you possess them. There are people who run after riches but they do not benefit you. Do not let money drive you crazy but drive the money crazy.

We need not much of prayer but the word of God. For the word is pregnant with all you need.

Matthew 19:16-22

Jesus is the Lord over our finances.


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