RLW Brass Band

Rivers of Living Water Ministers Brass Band was founded by Archbishop Bafana Stephen Zondo on the 24 October 2010.

Our RLW Brass band consists of 60 members, under the leadership of Mr Daddy Nthupi.

Levites are assistants to the priests in the worship.
The responsibility of the Levites in the house of God is to take care of God’s temple, assuring that everything goes accordingly and in order (Joshua 3:3; Numbers 18:23).

Music and instruments

Levites produce spiritual hyms to give praise to the Lord, using instruments of brass and in the dance. (Psalms 150:3-6; Numbers 3:5-10).


Our mission is for the sick to get healed through our praises (music) and to bring peace to the troubled souls.


Our goal is to grow from being a brass band to becoming an RLW orchestra.

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    You blessed me every day keep it up


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