Archbishop S.B Zondo.

John 17v22
There’s glory that rests upon a human being. It radiates in your life. It makes you distiguishable.

Romans 3v23
Sins remove the glory of God. Often times as believers, we tend to move or stray away from God, we lose the glory. God takes it away because it can not function outside His will.

This is what is meant by GLORY: it is when God gives you favor. Because of this supernatural act, people will start to favor you as well.

Hebrews 2v7
God has given glory so that you can be above His creation. You were given dominion, you control in every season.

One thought on “Glory

  • Apr 19, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    John 16:33
    I have told you all this because in me you will have Peace and in this world you will have trouble, I HAVE OVERCOMED THE WORLD… repent now my people if you know and understand the book of Revelation.


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